Letter #1

And I still cannot imagine
Any future
That doesn’t end
With me waking up next to you.
So I hold out hope
That we just need this right now
That maybe one day I’ll run into you
In some grocery market
Or while I’m gassing up my car
And I’ll ask if you want to get coffee
And you’ll say yes.
Then I’ll tell you
Everything you missed
Over the years
And you’ll tell me
The same
And we’ll laugh at mistakes we made
And share stories of heartbreak
Of all the people
That weren’t you or me.

I’ll never not love you.
I know that now
And it’s not dramatic sentiment
It’s that life is not straight cut and dry,
Time can bring change
But never enough
To make me not yearn
To feel you again.

Maybe we’ll go on loving each other
And learn to love others as well
But until then I’ll wait
And hold out hope
That we don’t.


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