To Someone Who Used to Know Me

I buzzed my head
And I grew my beard out.
I had to do it
Every patch of hair that fell away
Felt like your grip loosening on me
It hurts too bad to hold on anymore.

Things are different now
I’m different

There are a few important things you should know to understand me
They are, in order:

1. I drive people around on a bike to make money
2. I wrote two happy songs this month, which is up 300 percent from last month.
3. I am a Political Science/ Philosophy double major now. I plan on attending law school (Shoot for Harvard and hopefully land on NYU) then practicing constitutional law. I would like to be a Supreme Court Justice one day.
4. I am okay. I am happy.
5. Nights are still hard.
6. I have my own apartment now with a friend. It’s 1300 square feet but the lease is only 500 dollars because they’re tearing it down in a year to rebuild and hike up the prices.
7. I still look at your Instagram. I like your purple and teal bathing suit, but it looks like you’ve lost weight. Please eat healthy, I worry about you all of the time.
8. I can’t say the word eno one fucking time without thinking about you.
9. I picked up 2 years and I am still going strong.
10. I love you, but I know one hundred percent this was the right decision.

If you’re reading this, I would encourage you not to
If you aren’t, keep doing what you’re doing.


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