Alaga Syrup

I stood beneath the shower this morning
And the lukewarm water dripped off my hair, blurring my vision.
I didn’t even bother to wipe my face.
Nothing feels like home anymore.
Every flower I see is one less that I give to you
Every auburn sky
Reminds me of how many more I’m going to miss with you.
Sometimes I still reach for your hand,
Only to find an empty seat.

Your last words were cold
But I was the one who invited winter in
It’s what I had to do
If I ever wanted you to know what spring feels like again.
I know you don’t understand right now
But in this cruel world
Sometimes love isn’t enough to change who two people are when they’re together.
And ive tried everything I could for you
But I can’t let this prolonged pain continue.

I’m getting a new tattoo soon

An Alaga Syrup bottle

Because you stayed with me
You loved me when it was impossible
You showed me how to love
When I didn’t understand what love was
You brought me closer to God.

Because a piece of me will always love you
And I don’t ever want to forget
The profound impact that you had on me.


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