My Last Letter To H & James’ Last Post

This bed in which we had lain
The room with the blackout shades
I can still feel you next to me.
Three days
And the pain only gets worse
I knew this was a possibility
When I put my heart on the line finally
But I never thought the hands
That shaped it, would be the ones to
Break it.
It’s not your fault though
And I know you’re hurting too
And that hurts me more.
As much as I want to make things right
We can’t.
There can’t be anymore distrust
No more controlling
No more sacrifices that can’t be returned
No more.
I am not mad at you
Not even a little.

I love you more than I love anything
So just remember these things please:
You are caring
You are good-willed
You are loving
You are silly
You are snugly
You are funny
You are a good listener
You are beautiful
I mean it, really, really beautiful baby
You are worthy of real respectable love
You are desirable
And you are loved by a God that is bigger than us both.

I know that I can’t be the one for you
But that’s okay, because God has someone that will love you like I did and more.
So don’t give yourself away to guys that don’t deserve you- wait it out for him, because he’s worth it.
I love you, and I always will.


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