A Letter To a Girl I Used To Know

I loved you.

They say time will be the judge

And time has passed but the thoughts of you haven’t, 

And so the judge slams his gavel 

On my hardened heart,

And he delivers the verdict 

That I expected from the beginning-

“I loved you.”

Even though I use the past tense,
I didn’t stop loving you the way I began, 

It wasn’t sudden or sharp-

Like the first moment I laid eyes on you

And my heart struck a chord 

That would echo through every part of me,

Playing a song of yearning-

No it wasn’t sudden or sharp. 

It was slow, 

It was a fever I couldn’t shake, 

It was your radiant touch,

That caused my sickness,

And though my love for you decays more and more every day, 

It’s half life seems an eternity, 

And no matter how many times it cuts itself in two,  

I fear it will never reach 0.

Yes dear,

I loved you.

I know part of me still does.

But I’m fighting your virus 

With every cell in my body,

And I’ll be damned if I don’t win,

Because I deserve more 

Than unrequited love

Dressed up like a heart that cares.


One comment

  1. Ginni Deville · July 5, 2015

    A gavel to the heart – love it!


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