Naked Truth

“Just because I don’t support you doesn’t mean I don’t love you”Is the line I’ve heard a hundred times, 

And 99 times the person saying it doesn’t even know they’re speaking to me.

It doesn’t feel like love though,

It feels like hate. 

It feels like the walls around me are crashing in, 

And no one can see it happening except for me. 

The uncertainty is daunting.

I have my doubts, 

Every single day

Maybe I’m wrong, 

Maybe I’m a mistake

Maybe I need to change-


I have felt so uncomfortable in my own skin at times

That I wish I could tear it off.

I’ve pulled and stretched and scratched, 

I’ve wept on my knees, 

Begging for God to peel it back, 

But it seems my efforts are all for naught.

So I slip into a false skin

Made of plastic smiles and silent consideration

And it fits like a glove:

A latex glove on the hand of a giant

That grips me so tight, 

I am not able to breathe.

THIS is what people want. 

They would rather me suffocate 

Trying to cover up what I really am 

Than to shed this disguise 

And reveal the naked truth. 


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