Red Polka Dots

Red polka dots stitched into your dress, 

A glass necklace shaped like a heart. 

(The night we first met.)
You were free. 
Burnt orange tee and short white shorts, 
Turquoise braces on your teeth. 
(When I told you I loved you.)
You got scared and ran away. 
Blue shorts and yellow polo, 
Dirty colleseum stairs, 
[The day Innocence died.] 
White tee, Alaga syrup across the front. 
(To try and cover up)
The stains we had left.
Sea foam green
(I told you I’d always be with you.)
Vodka stained khaki shorts, 
(You waited for me.)
Ripped blue jeans, 
(I said goodbye, for both of us.)
Pink shorts and matching shirt. 
/You waved at me. 
I waved at you./
Like nothing ever happened.
Red polka dots (in my mind.)

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