Epistle #1

Of course I miss you. 

If you were wondering-
Which maybe you weren’t
-But if you were
Well, I do. 
When good things come
And I want to celebrate with you.
When I’m sad, 
And I write a poem, 
And I can’t wait for you to read it. 
During the in betweens 
Of everyday life 
When I just want to be beside you 
And to talk to you 
About absolutely nothing.
Then I realize.. 
I can’t. 
It’s a dirty mire, 
Disguised as solid ground 
And while I’m barely keeping 
My head above water 
You’re standing on shore, 
Unaware of the fact 
That I could drown
At any moment. 
It’s not your fault-
I’m the one who dove in.
I promised myself I won’t anymore. 
Don’t mistake that for me not wanting to.


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